Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rusted Root at the internet archive

Rusted Root - July 14, 2006

Let's call it the 'Phil Collins effect.' Whenever you start doing songs on soundtracks for animated kid's movies you instantly suck. Ok, so maybe Phil sucked for a lot longer but I used to think he was decent in the late 70's. At any rate Rusted Root did a song for Ice Age, I don't know if they did it for the movie or it was just on the soundtrack but I was worried. Thankfully they still rock and put on a great show. In the jam-band vein of things they let you record and do what you wish with their shows. Many of them are posted on in various formats (flac, ogg vorbis and mp3 to name a few). Highly recommended if you like rock mixed with a little world music and thrown into a jam-band blender.

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